The Anniversary Society


The top tier of membership, annually renewed Anniversary Society gifts of $2,500 and $1,200 provide the lifeblood of the organization and are directed to wherever funding is needed most — general operations, programming, special projects, etc. Since its creation 20 years ago, the Anniversary Society has contributed nearly $600,000 to support the Chestnut Hill Conservancy’s mission to preserve the open spaces and the architectural and historical resources that define the character of the Chestnut Hill area. The Anniversary Society also offers you fully complimentary tickets to the Preservation Celebration/Architectural Hall of Fame Gala, the Great Houses Tour, and the Perennial Fete; invitations to exclusive Salon Talk dinner parties; and other great benefits!

Join the Anniversary Society or renew your membership now. Please contact Development Director Kristin Southall with any questions: or 215-247-9329 x 207


Carolyn Adams and John Meigs
Bob Boyer and Jessie Deming
Ann Csink and John Linck
Karren and Ed DeSeve
Charles and Gene Dilks
Sandy and Tim Greenwood
Shirley Hanson
Emilie and Peter Lapham
Dana and John Levitties
Betsy and Bob Lukens
Sherry and Mark Nottingham
Susan and Robert Peck
Deborah Popky and George Popky
Richard Snowden and Fred Holzerman
Nancy and Randy Williams
Anna and Charles Woodward


Cindy and John Affleck
Bruce Belzak and Martha Brady
Jeffrey Benoliel and Amy Branch
Wendy and Christopher Bentley
Anne and Paul Bolno
Mary-Helen and Richard Boothby
Susan Higley Bray
Rebecca Bushnell and John Toner
Victoria and George Coates
Linda Corson
Massimo Cristofanilli and Barbara Pro
Edith Dixon
Diane and John Drinker
Kimberly and Iain Dukes
Lexa Edsall and Bob Victor
Yvonne and Scott Emerson
C. Nancy and Michael Evans
Nanie and Jay Flaherty
Susan and Rob Fleming
Wendy and Walter Foulke
Carolyn and John Friedman
Peggy and Richard Greenawalt
Mary Jane and Eric Greenwood
Stephen Heimann and Monika Hemmers
Anne and David Hilton
Gretchen and Joe Ingersoll
Eileen and Ron Javers
Courtney and Steven Kapp
Ann and Jack Kelly
Martha and Bob Kennedy
Caroline and David Lacey
Sarah and Ted Lodge
Dan Macey and Paul Savidge
Florence and Richard Maloumian
Myron Manternach and Tabitha Oman
Jean and Dan McCoubrey
Andrea and Frank Niepold
Beth Ounsworth
Abby and Ron Pete
Theresa and John Rollins
Lori and Marcos Salganicoff
Rita and Lawrence Salva
Lesley and Jim Shepard
Ellen Sisle and Kenneth Schorsch
George Spaeth
Jonathan Sprague and Caroline West
Alice Lea Tasman
Laura and David Thayer
Sandy and Robert Thomas
William Washburn
Mary Sue Welsh
Catherine Worrall

as of July 15, 2017